Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Minute Initiative: Gravwell

Almost four months after Gen Con, Gravwell is finally out for purchase at various outlets. Marty and I have been talking about the game for some time and realized that we have not done a 5 Minute Initiative for this great game. We have corrected that with today's posting. The game was designed by Corey Young and this is his first entry into the gaming world. He has mentioned in his tweets that he is working on other games for 2014 and we look forward to his sophomore offering. Gravwell can be purchased for  $23.99 online with a MSRP of $35.00. In the box you will find:
  • 1 Game Board
  • 30 Game Cards (26 play cards and 4 ship/emergency stop cards)
  • 6 Spaceship Miniatures 
  • 1 Round Tracking Token (the white pawn)
  • 1 Rulebook
The full rules can be downloaded here.

Give our 5MI a listen on Gravwell and just know that we really like this great filler game. Oh, Corey if you reading this and need playtesters for your next game, let us know :)

Was that to much of a shameless plug...


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Episode 29: Looks like we made it!

That is right, one year ago this month, Marty got us to sit down and begin the podcast show Rolling Dice & Taking Names. The plan was to just have fun and really just talk about gaming. Thanks to all who have listened to the show, given us some feedback along the way, and even participated in the show. We look forward to 2014 and hope to keep bringing you game information, news and just thoughts about this great pastime/hobby.

In this episode, Marty tells me all about the game Francis Drake which he got to play at our local game club. We discuss the game Coup and after playing, Marty was right, it isn't another Resistance, thank goodness. I actually like this one even though there is player elimination. We have put some of our favorite highlight clips in the show from past episodes. I am sure there are better ones out there, but these make us smile. Finally, we have a solid At the Table segment on what people are hoping to receive this year from the game club and our BGG forum.

Francis Drake Boardgame5:30
Coup Card Game28:00
Highlight Segment 137:18
At the Table - December40:10
Highlight Segment 21:04:00


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Episode 28: Money For Nothing

As you all know if you have listened to some older episodes, Marty and I really started getting into the gaming world with Decipher's Lord of the Rings TCG. During that time, we signed up for the online version of the game developed by Worlds Apart in hopes it would give us some more opportunities to play the game that we enjoyed. It really didn't catch on with us, but we tried online card games again by delving into Magic the Gathering Online. I still have an Xbox version, a PC version and even purchased Ascension to add to my collection of card games that I can do online. I play every once in awhile, but not that often.

So where am I going with this? In this episode, we share an interview with Corey Jones, President and CCO of Cryptozoic, and he talks to me at Gen Con about HEX. Some of you might have backed HEX, you know, the Kickstarter that got $2.3 million. Corey gives a high level overview of the game and answers some of my questions about how they plan on maintaining fairness and handle trading of the cards. Because it is a MMO TCG, I might find myself involved in another online card game, at least for a brief amount of time.

Marty and I also got to play Robinson Crusoe and as you know, we have been chomping at the bit to play. Therefore, we share our thoughts on the game and then get on our Soap Box, sorry about that, and we later learn the lack of supply should be somewhat remedied in mid December. One last thing, I sat down with a fellow Dice Tower Network podcaster, Chris Norwood, and we discussed a game he designed that is currently in the hands of Game Salute. 

Robinson Crusoe Discussion6:00
Soap Box about Zman19:30
Corey Jones Interview24:55
Discussion on Hex and iOS games42:00
Chris Norwood Interview54:00
More Eldritch Horror Discussion1:03:30
We are out of here1:08:30

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Episode 27: As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

So as far as the best comedy TV shows go, Marty and I agree that one of the best was WKRP in Cincinnati and the Thanksgiving episode ranks up there as one of the funniest shows ever done. So in  honor of that show, we use one of the great lines to title our episode. If you have never seen that episode, listen to our show and then go watch that episode, you will thank us.

So what do we have for you in this episode, it goes something like this:
MACE Con discussion - 0:00
Eldritch Horror thoughts - 2:45
War College with Todd and Alex - 21:06
At the Table: Biggest Turkey Game - 46:40

Enjoy the show and be sure to send us your At the Table for December, what game are you looking for under the tree.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MACE 2013 Video: Avery, Burke, and McClung Oh my...

We have entered into the world of video again and Marty has put out on Youtube video of our adventures at the local con called MACE. It was a great weekend of gaming and meeting people. We spoke with area designers and fellow podcasters during the weekend. We were lucky enough to get Steve Avery and Robert Burke on film to talk about their current games. Robert McClung, who has been on our podcast talking about Con organization, also took time from his busy schedule of running the event and shared with us the success of MACE over the weekend. MACE grew in attendance for it second year in Charlotte by almost 40%. The hotel was at capacity and I am sure the wedding reception that was near our event enjoyed having the various cosplayers about. We had a great time running two Eldritch Horror demos this weekend and Marty got some video of the board for you to view. You will also see Steve Avery playing Nothing Personal with convention goers and "letting" someone else win so that they could really enjoy the game.

We apologize for the quality of the recording, they were setting up the Charity Auction when we did our filming and it was a bit noisy behind us. We also did not anticipate doing any filming of interviews, but we grabbed the brass ring when it presented itself. Head over to YouTube to check it out

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Batman Contest has come to an end

For those that happen to make it to the end of Episode 26, we had a contest announcement in the closing outtake. This contest is over and we thank all those that sent us an email with BATMAN in the subject line. In the episode we release this week, we announce the winner.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Episode 26: Marty's Other Brilliant Idea

This episode is unlike any other episode we have done. Basically, Marty had an idea that we should play a game and then discuss our strategy while recording. I will support any idea that allows me to play a game. So, Todd (who you have heard many times on the show) and Alex (Mr Game Club) came over to Marty's to play Lords of Waterdeep and it only took three months to schedule. We play the game and then record a show on how it went. Man, the birds were very loud that night.

There aren't many segments to this show, so I am going to forgo the usual times for the segments but I do want to point out an important announcement from The Geek All Stars about their Charity event around the 4:15 mark of the show. You can find out more information at the website.

Enjoy the show